What is Milotic?

Milotic is a new completely free Roblox Executor. Despite being free it offers highly powerful executions, which makes it easily one of the best free Roblox Exploit.

Milotic Is a Lua script executor. It is guaranteed to work on Windows 8-11. It has one of the cleanest Roblox Exploit UI/User Interface. It is highly customizable, has theme system and many other features!

It is easy to use and backed up with powerful code to remain undetected. It also has a built in script hub which allows the user to directly execute scripts from Even though it's free it can be better then many paid Roblox Exploits.

ル Best Roblox Executor ル ル Easy Download ル ル Undetected ル ル Cleanest Ui Design ル ル Strong Execution ル ル Literally Free ル ル Easy Key ル ル Themes ル ル Highly Customizable ル


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Download Unlocked


01 |

Disable all antivirus & windows defender realtime protection

02 |

Download Milotic from the download button

03 |

Open the Exploit and click on "Get Key" to start the verification process

04 |

Complete the verification steps. Once the verification is complete, enter the key

05 |

And now you are ready to start exploiting in roblox!

Most frequent questions and answers

Go to your start menu and search ‘Virus & threat protection’ you can turn your realtime protection & anti-virus off from there. 99.9% of Exploits are flagged as a ‘Virus’ due to the nature of exploiting and software protection.

Milotic is 100% safe, as we only provide the safest exploit. If chrome blocked the download, check your settings and turn off ‘Safe browsing’ and try.

Try installing this. Most DLL exploits get patched every week, so you may want to check the discord often for updates and unpatches.

Milotic is 100% safe to use as long as you don’t download from shady sites.

Milotic gets updated regularly. Roblox updates every Thursday when every exploit gets patched until it’s updated and unpatched again. Our developers word hard to fix the issues & updates as fast as possible.

If Milotic isn’t working for you our discord team is waiting to fix your issue! please join Discord for help & updates!

Follow the steps given above to be able to start exploiting in roblox. If you are still not sure how to hack join discord and our support team will help you out!

You can download Milotic from the download link given above

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