Dragon Soul Script | KILL AURA

-- npcs folder
local npcs = workspace.Main.Live

-- set the maximum distance to find NPCs
local distance = 10

-- initialize the nearest NPC
local nearestnpc = nil -- npc model

-- toggle for the main loop
local isfarming = true -- toggle

-- get the VirtualUser service
local vu = game:GetService("VirtualUser")

-- function to find the nearest NPC
function findNearestNPC(player) 
    -- initialize the shortest distance
    local shortestDistance = math.huge 

    -- initialize the nearest NPC
    local nearestNPC = nil

    -- loop through all NPCs
    for _, npc in ipairs(npcs:GetChildren()) do
        -- check if the NPC is not a player character
        if not game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(npc) then
            -- calculate the distance to the NPC
            local distance = (npc:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").Position - player.Character.PrimaryPart.Position).magnitude

            -- if this distance is shorter than the current shortest distance, update the shortest distance and nearest NPC
            if distance < shortestDistance then
                shortestDistance = distance
                nearestNPC = npc
                -- you can use 'print(nearestNPC)' to see the selected npc

    -- return the nearest NPC and its distance to the player
    return nearestNPC, shortestDistance

-- main loop for farming NPCs
while isfarming do
    -- find the nearest NPC and its distance to the player
    local nearestNPC, distance = findNearestNPC(game.Players.LocalPlayer)
    -- if there is a nearest NPC within range and it's not a player character, attack it
    if nearestNPC and distance <= 10 and not game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(nearestNPC) then

        -- simulate a mouse click
        vu:Button1Down(Vector2.new(1000, 1000), workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame)
        -- set up attack 
        local main = {
            ["Victim"] = nearestNPC,
            ["Type"] = "Light",
            ["VictimPosition"] = nearestNPC:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").Position,
            ["CurrentHeavy"] = 1,
            ["CurrentLight"] = 1,
            ["CurrentLightCombo"] = 1,
            ["LocalInfo"] = {
                ["Flying"] = false
            ["AnimSet"] = "Generic"

        -- send an attack request
    -- wait before repeating the loop
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